Not just gays to blame for quake, but all 'extra sexual behaviour' says Brian Tamaki

UPDATE: Brian Tamaki has come out defending his comments that gays, murderers and sinners are to blame for earthquakes, saying anyone indulging in illicit sexual behaviour, including adultery and child abuse.

The Destiny Church leader told Radio Live's Willie Jackson he refuses to apologise to anyone.

"It's about adultery, morality, it's about any type of extra-sexual behaviour," he told Jackson.

Tamaki took the opportunity to remind listeners that this was 'God's view', and not his.

He also claims his family have received death threats and threats to burn down Destiny Church following his sermon.

During a sermon at Destiny Church Brian Tamaki hinted that gays, murderers and sinners are to blame for natural disasters. Photo: Destiny Church

RadioLive host Ali Mau, a lesbian, tweeted that she called Tamaki a fool in the studio, walking out on him when he tried to greet her.

Callers took the opportunity to take pot shots at the self-appointed Bishop, with one asking Tamaki if by his logic, "the dinosaurs had some kind of freaky sex act" that caused their extinction.

Another caller, who said he was gay, told Tamaki that it was his chance to be a good role model to the community, but instead is using his celebrity status to preach hate.

"But you're not because you're inciting a conversation of hate in this country."

"Hate speech is still hate speech," one Tamaki critic said.

A petition to strip Destiny Church of tax-free status is gaining traction. Photo:

The Human Rights Commission has labelled Brian Tamaki's comments as "frankly disgusting".

Richard Tankersley added the Destiny Church leader's comments were both ignorant and ironic, given that Wednesday was UN International Day for Tolerance.

He joined a chorus of outrage that came from across New Zealand, including Prime Minister John Key.

"Mr Tamaki's words are a lesson to us all that intolerance and prejudice is very real," Tankersley said.

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"At this time when families are mourning loved ones and many more are scared and wondering how to face the next day: this kind of message is frankly, disgusting.

"I encourage New Zealanders to continue to look to our earthquake scientists and our civil defence experts for guidance, rather than putting their trust in Mr Tamaki's sermons."

John Key: New Zealand is a seismically prone country. Photo: Getty Images

The day before Monday's devastating magnitude-7.8 quake, the Destiny Church leader told his congregation natural disasters and specifically the deadly Christchurch earthquakes had been caused by sin building up and spewing out of the ground, saying "you could have just about predicted that one".

"Even the churches [in Christchurch] were allowed all sorts of activity that you wouldn't dare to imagine ... They were actively involved in homosexual practice, homosexual priests," he said.

"It had the highest murder rates. It was a haven for those who were absolutely anti Christ in every way."

The earthquake badly affected SH1 north of Kaikoura. Photo: Tonkin+Taylor

John Key told Newshub: "Oh yes, it's ridiculous... you always get people coming out with these stupid statements.

"The facts of life are New Zealand is a seismically prone country, with a number of very well identified fault lines."