Bride 'cancels wedding' after discovering family's secret

A bride has claimed she is cancelling her wedding after she discovered her family was hiding something from her.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained she was due to get married this month and is now planning to cancel the whole thing and just get married at a courthouse.

"My cousin told me my family were making bets on how long it would take my fiancé to realise he wasn't getting the 'good little wife' he was expecting and regret marrying me," she said.

The bride added she confronted her family, who claimed it was just a "harmless joke".

Bride In Bedroom Having Second Thoughts Before Wedding.
The woman said she plans to cancel her wedding. Source: Getty

"[They claimed] that I didn't have the personality to be a submissive housewife which a man like my fiancé would obviously want," she said.

"My sister-in-law made a joke about making sure my fiancé didn't realise it until after the wedding while I was confronting them."

The bride said she was already upset when the joke was made, which pushed her to threaten to cancel the wedding.


Her family said she couldn't because it would make people talk and get her future in-laws offside, but the bride said she didn't care and her family could tell her guests why there wasn't a ceremony.

"My parents are telling me not to cancel the wedding as I would regret it in the long run and it would be embarrassing for our family and me for it to be cancelled now but I'm not backing down," she said.

People on Reddit were shocked by the family's behaviour, with many suggesting she should uninvite the family members involved rather than cancel the entire wedding.

"Cancel invites for whoever is in on this joke, hire security and make sure they are escorted out if they show up," one said.

"Cancelling it only makes you seem weaker, have the wedding without them, and prove them wrong!!!" another urged.

"Have the wedding the way you and your partner want!" a third added.

Bride's startling admission about dream wedding

It comes after people have been rallying around another bride-to-be after she innocently commented on a social media post asking how much couples have been saving for their big day.

The woman admitted that she’s skipping health appointments and going without important medication, just so her fiancé can have his dream wedding.

A member shared screenshots of her answers to a popular wedding Facebook group, with the caption: “This is just really f**king sad.”

The bride-to-be explained her situation on Facebook. Source: Facebook
The bride-to-be explained her situation on Facebook. Source: Facebook

Noting that she can save roughly $1200 every three months if she goes without medication, the bride-to-be explained her thoughts.

“My future husband wanted a wedding and he’s got way more family than I do. Someone has to pay for them. I don’t have a job due to my lupus and I’m very well not going to have my fiancé front everything.

“So I’ve cut out much of my stuff as I can (not that I did much to begin with!), and that includes my medicine, dental and doctor visits. If it saves me money for the wedding he truly wants, I’ll do anything for him,” she wrote.

Group members slammed her fiancé, saying that anyone who values a party over their partner’s health is "disgusting" and that the whole situation was "f**king heartbreaking".

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