Bride's non-traditional veil sparks furious debate: 'Shower curtain'

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A wedding designer has divided opinion online with her ‘non-traditional’ veil.

Posting on TikTok, Madison Chamberlain shared a sequinned, floral veil — and many brides went wild for the design.

L: Close up of a sequinned bridal veil. R: Madison holds up her non-traditional veil for the camera
TikTok wedding designer Madison has gone viral for her latest piece. Photo: TikTok/madisonchamberlain_

“The veil of your dreams and mine,” she wrote alongside her video. Holding the veil up, she demonstrates how it would look on a bride walking down the aisle.

“Unfortunately I want to wear this EVERY day,” wrote one TikToker.

“My jaw DROPPED, this is perfect for me,” added another bride.


“As a rainbow obsessed person I’m sobbing, however as someone who will never get married I’m sobbing EVEN MORE,” a third chimed in.

“Omg…I never thought this was an option…OBSESSED,’ wrote another.

The TikTok has gone viral, being viewed over 1.7 million times, with the designer even sharing another video with a close-up of the fabric and headpiece.

L: TikToker models a non-traditional bride's veil. R: Close up of the non-traditional bridal veil
While brides on TikTok adored the veil, people on Facebook weren't so kind. Photo: TikTok/madisonchamberlain_

However, the post was shared to a popular Facebook group and was instantly compared to ‘shower curtains’.

“Screams shower curtain to me,” one wrote, with another adding: “I thought it was [shared] in my local free/pass it on group, as a kids room curtain.”

“This is another piece where I’d be horrified [to see it at] a wedding…but would love it for a specialty outfit…like drag or decor,” a group user wrote.

“It looks like a care bear ran out of loo roll, so used one of grandma’s curtains instead,” added another.

“I saw a veil that had a small, delicate floral pattern embroidered and it was gorgeous. This…is not,” a group member chimed in.

Embroidered veils have become a very popular trend, with Hailey Bieber famously donning one for her wedding celebration in 2019 that read: "TILL DEATH DO WE PART".

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