Bride Photoshops 'awful' bridesmaid out of wedding photos

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A bride has explained why she Photoshopped one of her bridesmaids out of her wedding photos. Photo: Facebook

Picking bridesmaids is possibly one of the hardest things for a bride-to-be to do in the wedding planning process.

There’s people’s feelings to consider, pressure from your parents and friends, not to mention how many bridesmaids your wedding budget will allow you to have.

But one woman chose a bridesmaid on the basis that she would probably say no, and then ended up having to Photoshop her out of the official wedding photos after she caused ‘a stink’ on the day.

Taking to Facebook, the bride explained that she had picked the bridesmaid in question due to pressure, and it was clear from the beginning that the chosen woman had no interest in being involved in anything wedding related.

This included the bridesmaid refusing to take part in the bridal shower, hens party and even the bridesmaid’s group chat.

“I assumed it was because we are so different and so she felt like she would be excluded and while trying to make her feel included, I respected that she seemed disinterested,” the bride wrote.

The morning of the wedding day came and the bridesmaid refused to get ready with the rest of the party, instead showing up right before the ceremony started.

Throughout the entire ceremony, the bride said the woman was making an upset face and silently making eyes at her husband.

At the reception, she refused to speak to the bride and left without even saying goodbye. Although she did make time to bid farewell to the groom.

A week later, the bride decided to be the bigger person and text her bridesmaid to ask her if she had done something to offend her.

“Her response was to write me paragraphs about how awful I am, how I refused to include her in any bridesmaids duties and how I ghosted her.”

The bridesmaid went on to slam the bride for complaining about her husband-to-be only collecting his suit and tie the day before the wedding and that the only way they can get over their rift is to pretend her wedding didn’t happen at all.

Obviously this didn’t go down too well with the bride, who has no intention of erasing her wedding day from her memory.

The bride ended up being so annoyed with her bridesmaid's behaviour that she cut her out of her wedding photos. Photo: Getty Images

The bride went on to say she had been having problems with the bridesmaid for the past three years and she heard from family and friends that she had tried to start fights at the evening reception.

But the newlyweds were forced to look at the bridesmaid’s face in their wedding photo album, so instead of resenting the snaps, they decided to Photoshop her out instead.

“Just because someone caused a stink at your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to look at them whenever you look back on your pictures,” the bride said.

People applauded the bride for cutting the toxic bridesmaid out of her life, with some telling their own stories about their horror wedding days.

“2 out of 4 of my bridesmaids are dead to me now, I wish I could look at my pictures with my bridesmaids and be happy. It was such a great day and I’m still happily married almost 8 years later, so at least there’s that,” one person said.

“Two of my three bridesmaids were my husband's nieces, and neither one of us talk to them now,” another woman said.

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