Bride reveals shock reason she was 'ghosted' by maid of honour

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A bride-to-be has revealed the rash reason she was ‘ghosted’ by her maid of honour shortly before the wedding. Photo: Getty Images

A shocked bride-to-be has left the internet divided after she revealed why her maid of honour ‘ghosted’ her shortly before the wedding.

The admission was made on a wedding-related Facebook group where the woman revealed the pair fell out over to the remote location of her hens party.

“Is it too much to ask that your bridesmaids travel 2.5 hrs away from home for a bachelorette?” she asked the group.

The bride then explained her dream was to have a “get-a-way camping trip with all (her girlfriends) where we get drunk and rowdy in the woods”.

“I picked a spot with a great beach, nightlife, and a beautiful waterfall to hike and swim under but my Maid of Honour quit because the bachelorette party was too far,” she wrote.

“I was really upset and then she ghosted me. After all this time she still hasn’t tried to salvage the relationship. I’m gutted.”

Following the maid of honour’s seemingly rash decision to desert her duties, people were divided on whether or not there was another reason behind the choice.

“This isn’t far at all. Most groups go way farther. I also think it’s a bit dramatic for her to quit because it’s too far,” one user wrote.

The maid of honour’s decision to desert her duties left women divided on whether or not there was reason to the choice. Photo: Getty Images

Another woman revealed her own bridesmaids’ dedication, saying although her hens will be in Europe, each of the women have chosen to finance the trip themselves and attend.

But some women disagreed, with one saying, “I wouldn’t travel that far for what sounds like camping. No way.”

“Sounds like your maid of honour just wanted an out and used this trip as one.”

Others chimed in with constructive solutions including that the bride should provide transport in the form of a party bus or car rental.

However, many concluded that the vague details of the claims were an indication that vital details of the feud were not being shared with the group.

“I feel like there is way more to the story that we’re not hearing,” said one woman, adding: “at least she’s quit now”.

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