Bride roasted after buying 'shockingly bad' wedding dress from 'scam' site: 'My god it's ugly'

Thanks to one very gifted seamstress, this story had a happy ending.

One bride's wedding dress disaster was saved by a very clever seamstress. Credit: Instagram @mondes_threads
One bride's wedding dress disaster was saved by a very clever seamstress. Credit: Instagram @mondes_threads

When you're planning a wedding, you want everything to be perfect. However, you also want everything to stay within your budget, so many couples look at ways to cut costs while still having a beautiful celebration.

While opting for more affordable flowers, candles and other decor can be a great way to save a few bucks, scrimping on a wedding dress isn't always the best idea - especially if you order a gown online. This was a lesson one bride learned the hard way when she ordered her dress from an online budget retailer - against the advice of her seamstress - only to be delivered something that can only be described as a monstrosity.


Sharing the debacle on her popular Instagram account, the seamstress took her followers on a step-by-step journey as she made the dress wearable for her client. The incident was then shared with a popular wedding-shaming group where the comments all said much the same thing - the seamstress had done an amazing job but the dress had been hideous to begin with.

"This seamstress worked a miracle, but you can't salvage something that started out fugly, and that original dress is fugly as heck," one unforgiving person wrote on Facebook.

"The dress is hideous all 3 ways," another wrote. "Seamstress did a good job but my god it's ugly. I feel so bad for saying that because I'm sure the bride felt happy and beautiful."

"The original dress looks ugly. She ordered a turkey to begin with. How did she expect something good to come from it? Amazing work from the seamstress pulling it out of the fire, though," added a third.

On her Instagram @mondes_threads, Monde explains that she did her best to convince the bride not to buy the doomed dress, but was waved off.

"So a client reached out wondering if I could do alterations on a wedding gown that she was planning on ordering," Monde says in a clip. "She said she saw this gown, absolutely loved it. So I was like, where are you ordering it from? She was like, online. I'm getting it from X Plus Wear. I was like, you have to be careful. Those sites are scam sites. You're not going to get what you see in the picture. She was like, I absolutely love it. I've seen the reviews, so I'm going to just risk it."

In news that will be surprising to precisely no one, the dress that arrived was a disaster and so Monde got to work making it presentable. The final look was one that clearly made the bride happy, but people were still perplexed by her choices.

"But I really want to know what the bride was thinking with that design anyway it looks like something a 3rd grader would draw if she was told to make a wedding dress picture lol," one person quipped.

"Terrible. And now I can't even unsee the paper plate," another person wrote referring to the odd "cup" that covers the bride's left breast.

"This is shockingly bad," a third person emphatically said.

Aside from the disbelief that someone could have chosen such a dress to wear in the first place, Monde's followers lavished praise on the seamstress for truly making lemonade out of lemons.

"Now if there was ever an alteration that deserved an award, this was it🔥🔥🔥 you are amazing!!!!," one person raved.

Luckily, the seamstress was able to alter the dress and make the bride happy. Credit: Instagram @mondes_threads
Luckily, the seamstress was able to alter the dress and make the bride happy. Credit: Instagram @mondes_threads

"1000% that seamstress performed magic on that dress," said another.

"You did great with what you had. It started out looking like a dress you make out of TP at a bridal shower and you had it looking like a real wedding dress." added someone else.


And then, there was the person who said what we were all thinking:

"Maybe it's me, but I would guess that by the time all these alterations are done, folks coulda bought a higher quality dress that fit better from the start?!! 🤷🏽‍♀️," they wrote.

Our thoughts exactly.

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