Bride's 'rude' gift card sparks hysterical 'worst gift' stories

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Getting a bad gift can be super awkward, but would you ever actually tell someone as much?

A Reddit post sharing a rather ‘rude’ note from a bride has sparked some discussion online, with people sharing some of the worst wedding gifts they have ever received.

Elders giving red packet to newlywed couple
Sometimes wedding gifts can go wrong. Photo: Getty

“Is this a rude bridezilla trait??” the poster asked sharing a photo of the note signed off by #honestbride.

It reads: “Thank you for the unique git. If you’re not buying off my registry, please include a gift receipt.”

The note prompted a bunch of people to reveal some of the horrendous wedding gifts they had received over the years, that they weren’t able to swap or return.

“We got a huge clear plastic seashell with a small clear plastic seashell and I still have no idea what the hell I was supposed to do with them. Awkward chip and dip set, perhaps,” one person said.


“We got a ‘junk drawer starter kit’ from a relative when we got married. Literally a box with a bunch of random crap in it,” another wrote.

“I mean... we all know that the crazy gifts NEVER come with a gift receipt! I got married over 18 years ago and some of the ones we got: Matching mustard sweat suits that were three sizes too big for my husband and I... a super old-school wall clock that was literally the opposite of our taste, which we had on our registry. We kept that f*cker in the box until we could donate it, years later.”

include receipt gift registry reddit
'If you’re not buying off my registry, please include a gift receipt'. Photo: Reddit

A few people didn’t agree with the note, saying that regardless of what they received you would never publicly say anything negative.

“I would never actually publicly say anything/send something out, but man oh man do you get weird wedding gifts. Someone got us lime green plates without a gift receipt. Pretty sure that was just a regift,” one person said.

Others thought a receipt should always be included with any gift, but still didn’t think demanding one was right.

“I mean, if you are going off-list it would be considerate to include a gift receipt, that said, I'm not a fan of demanding one,” one person said.

While another added: “It’s super rude to say, but I thought it so many times while unwrapping gifts.”

It was soon revealed the note was found on the website betchesbrides, which is known as a humour/satire account. Though we wouldn’t be surprised if it had been downloaded and actually used in real life.

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