Bride's $18,000 wedding dress savaged: 'Absolutely HORRID'

A bride has been mocked online after listing her ‘timeless and classic’ wedding dress for a whopping $18,000 on Facebook marketplace. She has been unable to sell the 'horrid' ball gown, even after discounting it to $11,000.

A mum stumbled across the advertisement when looking for a Christmas tree for her son, and shared screenshots of the dress to a popular wedding Facebook group.

Wedding dress that's huge with flowers, lace and a hoop skirt that a bride is selling
People have roasted a bride online after she tried to sell her wedding dress for $18,000. Photo: Facebook

“I found this gem in the wild,” she wrote alongside the photos. “The original list price was $18,000! Lowered to $14,00 and now down to $11,000 for grandma’s wrinkled duvet cover, I mean this customer's dress!”

The dress was described by the seller as having ‘custom designed fabric’ and has been ‘professionally dry cleaned’ for the next lucky bride.


Pictured hanging from a white door, the monstrosity consists of a sweetheart organza bodice, before cascading into a large overskirt with a hoop underneath. The detachable ruched skirt is covered with lace and flower details, and many people were shocked by how expensive the dress was.

L: Two photos of the wedding dress with veil. R: Facebook marketplace listing for a wedding dress
The wedding dress was described as 'timeless and classic' on Facebook marketplace. Photo: Facebook

“It’s absolutely HORRID,” one person wrote, before adding: “The hem looks like those frilly things you put under the mattress to hide all the s**t under your bed.”

“Why is the outer fabric so stiff??? It looks noisy. Bride be walking down the aisle sounding like a swishy parachute tracksuit,” another quipped.

“Thank god the ‘pick-up’ skirt trend is over. At BEST they looked like grandma’s quilt. Most of them looked like a pile of wadded up dirty sheets,” a third chimed in.

“If you can spend $11,000 on a dress, you definitely aren’t looking on Facebook marketplace for it!” another pointed out.

“Literally looks like a bunch of crumpled up tissues with the occasional booger,” a group member joked.


Others said it reminded them of the dolls used to cover toilet paper rolls or birthday cakes with a Barbie in the middle.

“Anyone else having flashbacks to those grocery store Barbie cakes that had a doll in the middle and the ‘skirt’ was pretty much a pile of frosting?” one asked.

“For when you want it to look like you’re a Barbie drowning in its own dress!” another suggested.

“Looks like the dress of those little dolls I’ve seen in old people’s houses that covered toilet rolls,” a third remarked.

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