'Petty af' bridesmaid sends invoice for her services

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
The bride left many of her guests feeling uncomfortable. Photo: Getty

A furious bridesmaid has sent the bride an invoice for her services after an “unbearable” bachelorette weekend, and people are here for it.

The unnamed woman shared a screenshot of the invoice on Facebook, revealing the bride “acted like a complete bridezilla the whole time”.

She went on to explain the bride “made the weekend just unbearable” and ruined it with her “selfish attitude and materialistic views”.

Looks like the bridesmaid isn't going to the wedding anymore. Photo: Getty

“She was miserable, every little thing set her off, she complained about her shoes hurting, she freaked out about every little thing,” the fed-up guest wrote.

“For me the last straw was when I told her we all spent a lot of money to be there and I left my two little kids at home to be there.”

The bride argued back saying she also had to leave her fiancé and dog, before eventually leaving the trip at 3am and leaving her friends in another state.

“So since I’m not in the wedding anymore or invited, I sent her an invoice,” she concluded.

The invoice in question included items like ‘time spent planning, organising, decorating for the shower’, ‘two taxi rides’, and ‘I Do sunglasses’, and adds up to a total of $1,621.

The Bridesmaid sent this invoice to the bride-to-be. Photo: Facebook

She also included a charge for ‘Bride to be ruining everyone’s weekend with her miserable attitude, self-centred and materialistic views - Priceless’.

While her actions might seem petty, plenty of people were here for it, calling the bridesmaid a “legend”.

“This is petty and I LOVE it,” one person wrote.

“This is pettiness level goals that I can only aspire to,” another said.

“I dream of being this petty,” another agreed.

A few did say they would also think leaving their dog behind would be on par with leaving a child - guilty - but agreed the bride’s behaviour was outrageous.

Some even thought the idea might come in handy.

“Mentally files idea in the petty draw for potential future use,” one person commented.

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