Brigitte Nielsen's miracle baby

Brigitte Nielsen feels like she "won the lottery" when she had her daughter Frida.

The 55-year-old actress and her husband Mattias Dessi welcomed their little girl into the world five months ago and the Danish star - who also has four adult children from previous relationships - has urged women not to give up on their dreams of having kids, no matter how hard it may seem.

She said: "Let me tell you, I have been wanting this little girl for 10 years. She is literally a miracle and I want to say to all the women out there, don't you ever give up.

"Actually, to men and women, of course, 'cause life is amazing. Someone has to win the lottery; I felt like I did with my little daughter, so thank you very much."

And the 'Creed II' actress - who will reprise her 'Rocky IV' role of Ludmilla Drago in the upcoming movie - admitted the current phase of her life is "incredible".

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I had a miracle little daughter and I am playing the same character, Ludmilla, that I did in Rocky IV 35 years ago!

"So, life is incredible, you only get one life, so everybody enjoy because life is amazing!"

The 'Naked Gun' actress recently admitted she isn't "worried" about being an older mother because she feels good and has lots of "energy" thanks to her younger husband.

She said: "I'm not really worried because I look good, I feel good and you have to live one day at a time. I can't say what's going to happen 20 years from now. No one can, not even if you're in your 20s, 30s or 40s.

"My mother is turning 75 soon and looks amazing, so if I take after her, I'm going to be in tip-top shape when I'm 75. What is wonderful about having a baby at my age is that you have to really care for yourself, stay healthy, work out, watch your diet. It's about living a better, healthier life. But bear in mind I already had that as I have a younger husband. I have to look nice and have energy because he's going a lot of energy himself. It keeps you on your toes."