Hapless crook mocked by police after locking himself in stolen car

Police posted this mocking image after the hapless thief got stuck inside the vehicle. (SWNS)

A hapless thief was mocked mercilessly by police after being caught when he locked himself inside a stolen car.

Officers in Newtown, Birmingham, spotted the bungling criminal acting suspiciously and ended up having to rescue him.

A passer-by had reported a man acting suspiciously in the vehicle on Sunday night.

Tweeting snaps of the car, police from the Force Response Unit of West Midlands Police, posted: "Absolute scenes last night for Newtown Officers.

“Called to a male acting suspicious in a car...arrive to find him LOCKED IN the car with no way out.

“Cheeky baton through window and he was again locked up..this time inside a cell as the car was stolen and on false plates."

Police couldn't resist poking fun at a thief who locaked himself inside a car he was trying to steal. They had to free him by smashing thew window with a baton. (SWNS)

Social media users also poked fun at the hapless crook.

Twitter user Aaron1984 said: “Definite future candidate for the Darwin Awards. Amazing he’s made it through life this far!”


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Alfie Jacks tweeted: “All hail Britain’s dumbest crook! Shame no one thought to tell him how to unlock the doors from inside.

“Car obviously installed with child and numpty lock technology.”

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