British intelligence predicts Russia to establish two new armies in 2024, foresees supply challenges

Russian troops
Russian troops

Russia is likely to be able to form two new armies as announced by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on March 20, however, the new units will face logistical problems, said British intelligence in a report on March 25.

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It is noted that Russia plans to form 14 new divisions and 16 brigades. Most likely, they will consist of mechanized, armored, artillery and logistics units.

British intelligence believes in formation of new brigades, given Russia’s successful recruitment efforts.

“However, knowing about Russia’s limited training, widespread use of outdated equipment and infrastructure problems, it is likely that these units will experience similar resourcing problems,” the report said.

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On March 18, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin would hold a new wave of mobilization after the pseudo-elections and intensify attacks at the front. Ukrainian intelligence GUR also believes that after the presidential “elections” in Russia, mobilization may be more conducted more openly.

The Southern Defense Forces are confident that Russia will intensify mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories after collecting information about people during the pseudo-elections.

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