Britney Spears ‘facing massive legal fees that could strain her fortune’

Britney Spears is said to be facing “massive legal fees” that could put a strain on her finances.
The ‘Toxic’ singer, 41, is said to have powerhouse lawyers Mathew Rosengart and Laura Wasser on her side after her estranged husband Sam Asghari, 29, filed from divorce from singer on 16 August, citing “irreconcilable differences”.
But sources have warned the bills for her team – which could come to $2,000 an hour for both attorneys – could hit her fortune as she has no other streams of income coming in aside from the fee she was paid for upcoming memoir ‘The Woman in Me’.
Highlighting how Britney has not released any new music since performing ‘Hold me Closer’ with Sir Elton John, 76, last year, an insider told Page Six: “Britney’s not like Taylor Swift or Madonna. What are her sources of income now?
“Her biggest songs are more than 20 years ago, and artists don’t make that much from streaming.
“If you’re not touring or selling merchandise, it’s an issue, and Britney still has enormous legal fees as well.”
In May, TMZ reported Britney’s attorney Mr Rosengart has begun offering his services pro bono after receiving more than $4 million from the pop star since she retained him in July 2021, but he has not publicly spoken about the rumour.
Documents revealed as part of Britney’s battle to free herself from her family’s controversial conservatorship over her music fortune and life – which she won in April 2022 – showed she had $59,079,755.76 in the bank on 31 December, 2018, and had increased her net worth by more than $2 million that year.
The records also showed that for the year of 2018, Spears spent just over $11 million, which included just over $1 million in living expenses, while her dad Jamie Spears was paid $128,000 as part of the $1.1 million Spears was charged in total fiduciary and attorney fees over her conservatorship.
Britney also spent $1 million on her father’s “residential expenses” in Louisiana, down to bills from Ace Hardware.
The conservatorship documents from 2018 noted it did not attempt to estimate Spears’ potential to earn from endorsements, or give a figure for her royalties.
Insiders say she still has significant household bills due to her security and domestic staff.