Britney Spears marks first new single in six years topping iTunes charts in 40 countries by exclaiming ‘HOLY S***!’

Britney Spears marked first new single in six years topping the iTunes charts in 40 countries by exclaiming “HOLY S***!” on Twitter and posing apparently naked in a bathroom during an online video.
The ‘Toxic’ singer’s single, a collaboration with Sir Elton John, 75, is ‘Hold Me Closer’ – a mix of his 1971 hit ‘Tiny Dancer’ with his 1992 song ‘The One’, along with parts of 1976’s ‘Don’t go Breaking my Heart’.
Less than a day after the new song came out, Britney, 40, tweeted a video filmed in the bath in which she put on an English accent and said: “Hello, Sir Elton John, we are like number one in 40 countries.”
She then used her natural American accent to yell: “HOLY S***!” before goniog back to her English impression and winking: “I’m in the tub right now, and I’m about to go have the best day ever and I hope you’re well.”
She also put out a video on Twitter that saw her strutting fully clothed in monochrome with a hat, before images of her sitting apparently naked aside from a towel, with cross legs, flashed on screen.
Britney captioned the clip: “Keep smiling folks … KEEP SMILING!! Psss I LOVE YOU ALL!!!”
Ahead of the single being released at midnight on Thursday (25.08.22), Sir Elton, admitted he could relate to Britney being “broken” in her life.
He told The Guardian: “It’s hard when you're young. Britney was broken. I was broken when I got sober. I was in a terrible place. Now, I’ve got the experience to be able to advise people and help them because I don't want to see any artists in a dark place.”
Sir Elton also blasted the conservatorship she was under, saying: “What happened to her shouldn’t have happened to anybody.”
Britney’s new husband Sam Asghari, 28, also congratulated her online, saying: “Words can’t describe how f****** proud I am!”
The singer and Sam married in June after five years of dating after meeting on the set of her ‘Slumber Party’ music video.