Britney Spears must pay 110k to ex-husband

Britney Spears has been ordered to pay her ex-husband Kevin Federline $110,000.

The 'Toxic' singer has been in dispute with the dancer for several months as he wants the amount of child support she pays for their two sons, Sean Preston, 12, and 11-year-old Jayden, increased from $20,000 a month and now she has been told to pay $100,000 in "costs and fees", and an additional $10,000 to Benchmark Resolution Group.

Kevin and his lawyers have previously complained they have not been provided with any of the financial documents they have requested from the 36-year-old pop star, and they have now warned Britney she risks having to pay out more money if she and the conservators of her estate continue to withhold information.

Kevin's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told E! News "This was an initial contributive payment.

"If Britney and the conservators continue to fight tooth and nail about turning over any financial information, this will not be the last fee order they're ordered to pay me on Kevin's behalf.

"It's puzzling why they're putting so much energy into fighting the disclosure of her finances but I'm not deterred. We will get there eventually, it's just a question of how much they want to cost themselves creating speed bumps on the road to the ultimate destination."

The order comes two weeks after the lawyer filed documents that accused Britney of trying to use her celebrity status to avoid complying with court procedures.

Mr. Kaplan wrote in legal paperwork: "The California Superior Court is not the Coachella Music Festival, there are no front of the line VIP passes"

He also stressed the court wants to do what is best for the children, not for the "extraordinarily wealthy parents".

In the documents, the dancer's lawyer claimed Britney had failed to sit for a deposition, refused to provide any records and stressed they have received "NOT A SINGLE DOCUMENT" from her team.

He also teased that rules must be "different in the Rich and Famous edition of the California Family Code."

However, the 'Womanizer' singer's own lawyer, Laura Wasser, successfully argued the "overly broad" discovery requests were a form of harassment and noted that though the former couple - who were was married for four years until 2007 - share equal custody, Britney has always paid her ex-husband on time and generally funds her sons' activities and lifestyle anyway.