Britney Spears 'would rather hang out with homeless people than Hollywood people'

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Britney Spears would "rather hang out with homeless people than the people in Hollywood".
The 40-year-old singer - who recently tied the knot with Sam Asghari, 28, in a star-studded wedding - took to Instagram to hit out at Hollywood.
She shared a picture with the words "God is not nice" and added a picture caption which read: "Does that mean the devil is EXTREMELY HOT AND NICE ??? I’d rather hang out with homeless people than the people in Hollywood … JUST SAYING !!!! (sic)."
While Britney received support on her caption from some fans, others pointed out in the comments that Britney's recent wedding included a number of celebrities, such as Madonna, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton and Ansel Elgort.
One person wrote sarcastically: "I remember seeing how starved for Hollywood people your wedding was with all the homeless people there."
In another post, Britney - who was freed from her conservatorship last year - wrote about finally discovering her own "self-worth".
She wrote: "When you finally realize your worth and value … that MEANS way more than being liked … I have learned that up chatter resonates with different grounds … different awareness … different PRESENCE … I bring this up because I feel like there is a reason why I like the song ‘S.O.S’ by @off.indila … I think there’s a different meaning to it for everyone … we all have our perspectives so here I go … have you ever seen the movie ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ ??? Well I know the song is in French but I interpret the words my own way in my stupid 6 year old brain … after the word “SUN” I feel like she’s saying … SHE TOOK MY BANNER … I CALLED MY OWN !!! That’s probably not what she is saying but it’s what I hear … I feel like whenever there is a 3rd party with her son, husband or whomever she loves, the third party takes over and takes HER BANNER … meaning her identity called my OWN !!! Call me crazy, whatever … It’s been on my mind and if you only knew how many people … nannies, moms, friends have come in and chatted up my loves I think you would go see “To Kill a Mockingbird” !!! Depending on the 3 people indicates who goes away … To Kill a Mockingbird !!! I am grateful for today in finding my body … again reflecting and CLEARING and CLARITY this week !!! It’s good to reflect on where you have been before you know where you’re going !!! So s*** … I’ve done a lot so I have a lot of reflecting to do !!! I speak because I like to be heard … even if only one person hears me, that’s fine !!! As long as I feel heard … so whoever is reading this, hi and thanks for listening (sic)."

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