Britney Spears worries fans by sporting bandage on arm after dancing with massive knives

Britney Spears has sparked more concerns among fans by sporting a bandage on her arm and apparent cuts on her arm after dancing with a pair of huge knives.
The ‘Toxic’ singer, 41, who has been rumoured to be “obsessed” with blades, posted a video on Tuesday (26.09.23) on her Instagram showing her gyrating with knives at her LA mansion, and has now followed it up with another clip showing one of her arms bandaged with white fabric and the other appearing to show red scratches, which also seemed to be visible on her upper right leg.
Referring to the polka dot bikini top she wore in both clips, the mum-of-two captioned the second post: “My ‘Pretty Woman’ top… kinda cool after my briefing on polka dots!!!!”
It was not clear how much time had passed between the clips, but both have prompted a flood of comments from concerned fans.
Many said they were worried she appeared to have cut herself, while others pleaded with her to stop dancing with knives and said it looked like she needed to get “help”.
It appears she has now removed the video showing her dancing with a bandaged arm.
The singer captioned her first knives video: “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today!”
She claimed to her 42.1 million followers the blades were fake and hinted they were part of her Halloween preparations – even though fans said the blades sounded real when the singer clinked them together.
Britney added: “Don’t worry they are NOT real knives! Halloween is soon.”
The mum-of-two’s latest post sparked a thread on Reddit where users shared their worries for her state of mind.
One user posted: “Unhinged. This is the most disturbing (of her videos) yet.”
Another added about the knives flashed by Britney: “She says they are not real but they look and sound real to me. This is concerning.”
A third person said: “Ohhh Brit, I would have believed you if you didn’t clink them together”, while another commented: “Wild behaviour! You can literally hear the metal clinking.”
Britney’s post quickly amassed more than 180,000 likes on Instagram just after it was uploaded.
TMZ reported in May Britney had an “obsession” with knives.
Sources have also said Britney hurled blades at the walls of her LA home since news broke her husband of only 14 months Sam Asghari, 29, had filed for divorce from her in August.
The singer revealed in 2021 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and has promised to tell all about her turbulent life – which saw her bound to the terms of a 13-year conservatorship until last year – in her upcoming memoir ‘The Woman in Me’.