Who Is Brock Lesnar's Wife? All About Rena 'Sable' Lesnar

Pro wrestler Brock Lesnar's wife Sable is a former WWE star

<p>Francis Specker / Alamy</p> Brock Lesnar and Sable during UFC 92 in 2008

Francis Specker / Alamy

Brock Lesnar and Sable during UFC 92 in 2008

Brock Lesnar’s wife is no stranger to the wrestling ring.

The professional wrestler, nicknamed “The Beast Incarnate” and “The Conqueror,” is married to former WWE Diva Rena "Sable" Lesnar. She is credited as being “a pioneer who broke new ground for the ladies of the ring,” according to WWE.

Lesnar and Sable have been married since 2006. “I don’t think my wife has ever regretted saying yes. I can tell you, I’ve never regretted it for a single moment. We were meant to be together,” he wrote in his 2011 memoir Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival.

The wrestler said he doesn’t “think another woman would have lasted with” him either. In a 2011 interview with Sports Illustrated, Brock called his wife “a solid rock in my life.” He admitted, “I can't imagine coming home to someone different.”

So, who is the woman that Brock Lesnar put a ring on? Here's everything to know about his wife, former WWE Diva Sable.

She is a former wrestler

<p>WWE</p> Sable on WWE in 2003


Sable on WWE in 2003

Sable’s WWE page notes that “she defined what it means to be a woman in the rough world of WWE.” Lesnar’s wife made her debut in 1996 and two years later, in 1998, won the Women's Championship at the Survivor Series.

Her signature catchphrase before every match was, "This is for all the women who want to be me, and the men who come to see me."

She left the WWE in 1999 before returning in 2003. Sable fought her final match against Torrie Wilson in 2004.

Sable is not her real name

<p>Brad Elterman/Online USA, Inc./Getty</p> Sable in 1999

Brad Elterman/Online USA, Inc./Getty

Sable in 1999

“Sable” is the former wrestler’s stage name, whose actual name is Rena (née Greek, formerly Mero). Speaking with the Ottawa Sun in 1999, she shared that she couldn't have predicted ending up in the sport.

Before Sable stepped into the ring, she was a model for companies, including L'Oreal, Guess and Pepsi. Still, she had bigger dreams.

"I always wanted to be an entertainer — a singer, maybe a famous model — but I never dreamt I'd become a wrestler," she said.

As for her on-screen persona, the WWE star enjoyed portraying someone vastly different from her. "Sable has become self-absorbed, egotistical ... she doesn't care about anyone else. That's so unlike the way I am in real life, but it's a fun character to play," she added. "It's nice to play a villain. As a bad person, I can say or do whatever I want."

She sued the World Wrestling Federation in 1999

<p>Harry How/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC/Getty</p> Brock Lesnar and Sable during the UFC 200 event in 2016

Harry How/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC/Getty

Brock Lesnar and Sable during the UFC 200 event in 2016

In 1999, Sable sued the World Wrestling Federation (now known as the WWE), for $110 million, alleging sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions, according to E! News.

"I was asked to go in to the ring and perform things I was very uncomfortable with — doing jumps from high ropes in five inch heels," she told TV Guide.

She also alleged that the WWF asked her to take her top off in the ring. According to the New York Post, she told TV Guide, “Right after I told them I would not do that, it was scripted for me to lose my belt.”

A lawyer for WWF said the suit was full of “provably false accusations," and the suit was later settled out of court.

She was previously married to another wrestler

Before Lesnar, Sable was married to professional wrestler Marc Mero. The pair got married in 1994 and divorced a decade later. Both athletes left the sport when Sable sued WWF, and the couple moved to Studio City, California, where she pursued acting. At the time, Mero stayed home with their daughter, Mariah, whom Sable welcomed with her late husband, Wayne Richardson.

Shortly after Sable's WWE comeback, Mero discovered that "she fell in love with another wrestler ... while we were still married," he told WrestlingNews.co in 2023.

During an appearance on The Steve Austin Show, he recalled finding a message from another wrestler on his then-wife’s phone.

“My heart was broken. You can't sleep, you can't eat, you're sweating. And I remember thinking, 'When I find out who this guy is, I'm going to kick the living tar out of this man!' And then, I found out it was Brock Lesnar!” he said in October 2019, adding that it gave “forgiveness a whole new meaning.”

Mero noted that his and Sable’s marriage was over. He said, “We ended up getting divorced, but God bless them! They got married. They have kids. They live a happy life and kudos, man!"

He echoed similar words to WrestlingNews.co, saying, "I wish her and Brock and their kids all the best in the world. There’s no bitterness or resentment."

Lesnar proposed after breaking into her house, and they wed in 2006

<p>Josh Holmberg /Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire/Getty</p> Brock Lesnar with Sable before the start of the Kobalt Tools 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup in 2011

Josh Holmberg /Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire/Getty

Brock Lesnar with Sable before the start of the Kobalt Tools 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup in 2011

In Lesnar's autobiography, he revealed that at one point, Sable wouldn’t answer the phone or return his calls for two weeks after she went back to her house in Florida. To let her “know how serious” he was about building a life together, Lesnar traveled to Orlando, but Sable wasn’t home when he arrived.

“I saw a neighbor standing by his garage, and I knew he had seen me around with Rena enough to know we were a couple. That was a lucky break for me, because the guy never got suspicious,” he wrote in his book, Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival.

Lesnar told the neighbor that he was working in the backyard and needed a screwdriver. “I used the screwdriver he loaned me to get into one of her sliding doors, and of course the alarm goes off as soon as I get into the house. I knew the pass code, so I shut off the alarm, and now I’m inside,” he shared.

The two spent a week together in Florida, and when it was time to leave, Lesnar proposed to Sable by the waterfall inside of the Orlando airport. They wed in 2006.

Sable left the WWE for Lesnar

<p>WWE</p> Sable on WWE


Sable on WWE

In his memoir, the wrestler wrote that before he could marry Sable, he “needed her to get out of WWE.”

“If we want a relationship,' I told her, 'neither one of us can work for that company. We both know the long-term side effects of everything there,” he penned. “That was my only demand. Nothing else. Just that.”

Sable ended up leaving WWE in 2004. Lesnar acknowledged in his memoir that “she had worked so hard to get back into that company, and now she was leaving it again, except this time she was giving up her career for me.”

She and Lesnar have children together

<p>Allstar Picture Library / Alamy ; MediaPunch Inc / Alamy </p> Sable and Brock Lesnar

Allstar Picture Library / Alamy ; MediaPunch Inc / Alamy

Sable and Brock Lesnar

Apart from daughter Mariah, Sable and Lesnar share two sons, Turk and Duke. The wrestler wrote in his memoir about leaving his wife “practically alone” during one of her pregnancies while he trained for a fight, said to be against Frank Mir.

“Thank God my wife was mature enough to understand what I needed to do," he shared. "She went through the last part of her pregnancy practically alone while I trained. But she understood, and she couldn’t have been more supportive.”

She’s appeared on the cover of Playboy

<p>Evan Agostini/Liaison/Getty</p> Sable in NYC in 1999

Evan Agostini/Liaison/Getty

Sable in NYC in 1999

The WWE star has graced the cover of Playboy. Sable explained to the Ottawa Sun that when she decided to appear in the publication, she had “no inhibitions at all.”

"I'm very proud of who I am. I wanted to do this for myself, not so much to show my body off to the world,” she said. “I had total creative control. I wanted something in sharp contrast to the Sable that's normally portrayed. I wanted something that would be a very soft portrait."

Sable went on to pose for the magazine two more times.

Lesnar pranked Sable on their fifth wedding anniversary

To celebrate five years of marriage, Lesnar decided to gift his wife a new wedding band, but he did so with a prank. On ESPN’s Highly Questionable in 2016, Lesnar recalled telling his wife to keep her ring at home so it wouldn’t get stolen during their tropical vacation.

“So while we were gone, I had the people that were watching my kids take her wedding band and say that my son swallowed it. In the meantime, they found a picture of a wedding ring inside a kid’s stomach on an X-ray from the internet,” he said.

Lesnar added, “So when we got home, the story was all laid out. It was our five-year wedding anniversary, and I wanted to give my wife a new wedding band. My poor wife took it upon herself to search for the wedding ring in dirty diapers."

"For two days, my wife searched high and low for her wedding ring. Then we had our wedding vows renewed two days later and I issued her a new wedding band for our five-year wedding anniversary," he concluded.

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