Buckingham Palace in 'turmoil' as Queen's staff quit

Sarah Carty

It may seem like one of the best jobs in the world but according to reports, staff at Buckingham Palace are walking out in their droves.

According to The Sun, at least 14 chefs and kitchen staff have handed in their notice because they’re not happy with the working conditions.

“The place is in turmoil and the mood is getting steadily worse,” a source said.

The walkout is apparently down to staff having to move job location when the Queen is at other royal abodes.

Buckingham Palace is reportedly in 'turmoil'. Photo: Getty Images
Reports claim chefs are not happy with the working conditions. Photo: Getty Images

Not only do the staff have to cater for the Queen’s demands, but they also have Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince William and Kate to take care of.

“People work all hours God sends for no extra pay,” the insider said.

"Nobody gets any time off or sees their families. It’s too much.”

The source said that the staff are done with it and are walking out one by one.

However, a palace spokesperson denied to The Sun that there had been a mass staff exodus.

Buckingham Palace is reportedly in 'turmoil'. Photo: Getty Images

Back in 2015 staff at Queen Elizabeth II's Windsor Castle threatened to go on strike over claims that they were underpaid and were also expected to carry out extra duties.

That same year the Queen was accused of axing at least four senior officials from her staff, who subsequently distributed their CVs on networking sites.

Many also lost the homes that comes with the job.

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