Budget 2023: Millions of Centrelink recipients to see cash boost

Centrelink recipients will see a “modest” payment rise in the federal budget.

A composite image of Australian currency fanned out and Australians line up outside the Centrelink offices to represent the cash boost in the federal Budget.
Aussies on Centrelink are expected to see a cash boost in the federal budget. (Source: Getty)

Aussies on the Centrelink JobSeeker payment are set to see a small cash boost in the federal budget.

It’s widely anticipated that payments for single parents – which currently end when their youngest child turns eight – will also be extended by up to four years.

JobSeeker payments are expected to be boosted “modestly” for all ages, not just those over 55 - as was reported since last week.

However, the boost is set to fall short of the “substantial” amount recommended by the government's own review panel.

How will JobSeeker payments change?

We will have to wait until the budget is released tomorrow night, to find out exactly how much more cash those on Centrelink will receive.

Chalmers said the budget would be in “the best Labor tradition”, offering “help for the vulnerable, an eye on the future, and responsible economic management”.

“People are under the pump. We’ve carefully calibrated and designed this budget so that it takes pressure off the cost of living rather than add to it,” Chalmers said.

“[This budget] will see people through difficult times and set our country up for the future. This budget will help Australians doing it tough and will make inroads in cleaning up the mess we inherited from the Coalition.”

It is also expected the government will make changes to the Commonwealth Rent Assistance program.

Chalmers said the $14.6 billion “centrepiece” suite of upgraded support payments and subsidies would help those in need keep up with the rising cost of living without adding to broader inflationary pressure.

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