Buffalo Bills' Stefon Diggs Says Reporter's Critical Hot Mic Comments Were 'Very Hurtful'

The wide receiver's response comes after a clip surfaced online featuring team reporter Maddy Glab saying, "there’s no control over Stefon Diggs"

<p>Michael Owens/Getty</p>

Michael Owens/Getty

Stefon Diggs is speaking out one day after a reporter’s hot mic comments criticizing his professionalism surfaced online.

“The audio shared was very hurtful,” the Buffalo Bills star, 29, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday. “And was insulting to my character and to how I was raised. I’ve always treated people how I want to be treated. I greet everyone with smiles and respect. From the people in our cafe to the people that keep our building in clean & in order."

He continued in another post: "The media or fans may confuse my competitiveness that they witness on the field as who I am as a person. But off the field I'd never treat anyone how she described & have never said anything remotely close to that to her."

The wide receiver’s response was to an online clip in which Bills team reporter Maddy Glab could be heard sharing her seeming frustration with the star.

"There’s no control over Stefon Diggs,” Glab said. “Dude’s gonna do what he wants to do. He’ll look in my face and say [f---] you … that’s how he treats everybody.”

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On Wednesday, the reporter apologized to the athlete on X, saying Diggs is "one of my favorite players to cover."

“I am very sorry for what I said and meant no ill will,” she wrote. “I respect the hell out of Stefon Diggs, and he has been one of my favorite players to cover. He has great character and treats us media with lots of respect.”

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She added in part, “He takes time out of his day to talk to us, which he doesn’t have to do. For context, media was waiting for players to come out for press conferences when a reporter joking told me to go get Stefon Diggs. I said I don’t have control over him — Stef marches to the beat of his own drum and I love that about him.”

Glab has worked as a team reporter for the Bills since July 2019, according to her LinkedIn profile.

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Meanwhile, Diggs later posted an apology of his own, writing to the media at large: “We get you all have a job. And I respect it, but please remember I’m a human just like you. And if I ever made you or anyone else feel like you can’t approach me. I apologize.”

All of which had at least one other Diggs not digging the exchange.

While posting the audio of Glab’s hot mic, little brother and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs had his own take.

“Tuh! They turn on you so quick,” he wrote. “Gotta get bro somewhere safe.”

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