Bulgaria launches gas corridor project to Ukraine, minimizing Russian gas reliance

Bulgaria starts construction of the Vertical Gas Corridor
Bulgaria starts construction of the Vertical Gas Corridor

The Bulgarian government has signed contracts for the construction of two gas pipelines as part of the Vertical Gas Corridor initiative, news agency Interfax-Ukraine reported on June 10.

This project envisages the launch of pipelines (laid in parallel to and connected to the main gas pipelines - ed.) together with gas transmission operators from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Moldova to supply non-Russian gas from terminals in the Eastern Mediterranean to Moldova and Ukraine.

The project includes the Kulata-Kresna and Rupcha-Vetrino pipeline loopings. The Bulgarian government notes that this “will mark the beginning of real capacity building activities between Greece and Bulgaria, as well as Bulgaria and Romania, after which the Bulgarian gas transportation infrastructure will be able to supply additional volumes of LNG from reliable sources, including the United States, Azerbaijan, Egypt and others.”

The signed looping contracts were concluded with consortia involving Bulgarian and American companies. The total value of the two contracts is about 485 million leva (about $270 million – ed.).

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The Bulgarian government held a tender earlier for three lots within the project: the Kulata-Kresna looping, the Piperevo-Pernik pipeline, and the Rupcha-Vetrino looping.

The Vertical Gas Corridor project will make it possible to use the potential of the Ukrainian gas transmission network even after the upcoming termination of Russian gas transit on Jan. 1, 2025.

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Ukraine and Bulgaria agreed in February 2024 to implement the Vertical Gas Corridor project as soon as possible.

Ukraine has also agreed with Moldova on the development and expansion of the Trans-Balkan gas transportation route to Central Europe and joint actions in this area.

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