Bunnings customer reignites demands for dog ban after 'disgusting' act in store

People are once again questioning the hardware giant for allowing customers to bring dogs into the store.

Dog poo left on the floor inside a Bunnings store (left) with three dogs in a trolley outside Bunnings (right).
Some customers want to see dogs banned from Bunnings as they claim they create chaos and defecate in store. Source: Reddit/Facebook

There has been a renewed call to ban dogs from Bunnings after some customers claim they are "bloody sick" of finding poo along the warehouse aisles, with some even smearing it on their shoes or in trolley wheels before noticing it's there.

Last year Bunnings had to quash rumours its retail stores would introduce dog-free hours after some customers pushed for the change. But the desire by some to ban our four-legged friends remains, with recent sightings of dog poo and other antics from pets being the final straw for some customers.

One customer, who confirmed she was a dog owner with two of her own, wanted to reassure people she wasn't a "Karen" but simply believes dogs should not be allowed inside Bunnings. After spotting dog poo along the aisle in the Campbelltown Bunnings store in Sydney she said she had to "warn people then dash off to find a member of staff" to help.

Dog poo was found on the floor between pallets in the Bunnings, Campbelltown store in Sydney this week.
A customer tried to warn others about the dog poo on the floor at the Bunnings, Campbelltown store in Sydney this week. Source: Reddit

However, within minutes of her seeking assistance, she returned to the "crime scene" where a woman had rolled right over it with her trolley.

"Earlier during my visit, a young lab wrapped himself and his lead around the legs of another customer. The week prior there was a dog fight at the service desk... It's a shop, not a dog park!" she said on social media, sharing evidence of the droppings a dog was responsible for.

"Why are we allowing non-service dogs into a hardware shop?" she asked.

The customer's recent experience opened the floodgates for opinions and many Aussies jumped in, stating their case on why dogs should or shouldn't be allowed at Bunnings.

Some were in agreement, saying it's "disgusting" to find poo on the floor and if tradies really do need to bring their dog to Bunnings, a "dog pen" could be available for them outside in the shade.

"Some people are allergic, some are scared, not everyone wants to be around your bloody dog. Leave it home," another wrote. However, some pointed out it was more of a "people problem" than a dog one, with responsible dog ownership needed so everyone could enjoy the animals inside the store.

"Dogs have been allowed in Bunnings since it's been open. The issue isn't the dogs, it's the freaking owners who don't bother training or cleaning up," one wrote.

All dogs are allowed in Bunnings stores as long as they are on a lead and under control. Bunnings confirmed to Yahoo News there is no change on the horizon with this policy and it will continue to use a "common-sense approach" when it comes to entry.

"Like many other retailers that offer pet products, we take a common-sense approach when welcoming dogs into our stores," a Bunnings spokesperson said. "The feedback we receive shows that the vast majority of pet owners are respectful of other customers and our team when they’re in our stores."

If incidents do occur, dog owners are expected to clean up after their pets and staff provide poo bags and cleaning tools upon request.

"We work hard to make sure our stores are safe, welcoming environments for everyone... we encourage any customer to reach out to one of our team members if they see or experience something we should be aware of so we can resolve it on the spot," the spokesperson said.

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