Burger King launches an exclusive Korean-inspired menu

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Fans of Korean culture and everything K-inspired will be excited to learn about Burger King's new menu, exclusively available on Deliveroo for home delivery from 17 to 21 September. 

We called dibs on the menu and received the Ultimate Cheesy Dynamite Tendercrisp Chicken (S$11.50), Cheesy Dynamite Nuggets (nine pieces for S$7.10), Cheesy Dynamite Fries (S$3.80) and Dynamite Shake (S$5.20). Most, if not all of the food items have been drenched in/made to pair with the cheese and spicy South Korean ramyeon-inspired dip. 

Burger King's new Korean menu
Burger King's new Korean menu

The set in a nutshell: Fiery, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you're a fan of the spicy Samyang Buldak noodle, this slightly less spicy version may be up your alley (or down it later on, IYKYK.) The good thing is that the cheese mellowed the spiciness a yummy notch down – to be honest, you can't really expect nacho cheese to go wrong – but the entire meal still packed a spicy punch. 

Get a bit of everything with Deliveroo’s exclusive S$15 Bundle which includes an Ultimate Cheesy Dynamite Tendercrisp, six-piece nuggets with BBQ sauce, a small coke and a New York Cheesecake Pie. 

If you need any more reason to get dibs, stand a chance to win an iPhone 12, S$120 worth of Deliveroo vouchers and S$100 BURGER KING® vouchers when you purchase any Dynamite Korean items. As a bonus, Deliveroo customers get three additional chances to win. Simply SMS BKSG<space>Name<space>Receipt Number to 9010 2322.

The South Korean-inspired menu will be available to the public for a limited time only.

What else is on Burger King's menu? Check out our review of the Rendang burger below. 

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