Business is booming: In Nevada alone, sportsbooks made a record $72 million profit in November

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As the NFL season got unpredictable, with some of the best teams in the league losing each week, bettors lost at a record rate.

In November, Nevada sportsbooks turned a record profit of nearly $72 million. Don't feel bad if that three-team parlay didn't cash for you last month; you weren't alone.

The exact figure, from the Nevada Gaming Control Board's figures released Wednesday, was $71,972,000 in profit for the house. The previous record for profit in a month for Nevada was $61.8 million, set in November of 2020, according to VSiN. November of 2021 beat that record by more than $10 million.

And to think, that's just one state.

How did Nevada win so much?

Hey, at least Nevada bettors won $1.633 million on baseball future bets that were cashed. The rest of the ledger was all black for sportsbooks.

The biggest winner for the house, of course, was football. The Nevada Gaming Control Board's report said $53.1 million of the profit came from football bets. To round it out: $10.2 million was from basketball, $4.4 million from parlay cards, $3 million from hockey and $2.9 million from other sports. Of the profit, $34,973,000 came from mobile apps.

Bettors had more luck in October, including the worst week for sportsbooks in 35 years according to BetMGM's director of trading Jeff Stoneback. That turned around in November.

November is a high-traffic month for sports betting. The NBA and NHL regular seasons went on all month. The end of the World Series seeped into November. The NFL and college football were in full swing, and college basketball started in November as well. There was about $1.09 billion bet on sports in November based on the Nevada Gaming Control Board's reports.

There was an overall gaming win of $1,321,624,274 in Nevada last month, a 71.38% increase from November of last year. Plenty of losing football bets contributed to that figure.

Bettors had a rough November, especially in Nevada. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
Bettors had a rough November, especially in Nevada. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
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