Busy Philipps' daughter was 'upset' by show cancellation

Busy Philipps' daughter was "upset" for her mother when her 'Busy Tonight' talk show was axed.

The 40-year-old actress had her E! show cancelled by the network last year, and has previously spoken about how she felt "blindsided", as she claims she was given no prior warning that the show might be taken off air.

And now, she's revealed her 11-year-old daughter Birdie also felt as though there had been "injustice" in the way the situation was handled, and even penned an angry letter to bosses at E! for their decision.

Busy told Us Weekly magazine: "She's the best! Being a parent is difficult whether you're an actor or a TV host or a doctor or someone who stays at home. It's all difficult. Frequently, especially with my daughter getting older, she's her own person and sometimes I wonder if she understands why I work so much or how important things are to me and why I do what I do.

"Then I found that letter that she had written. I mean, I always ask her permission before I post anything. She just did it because she was upset and she felt the injustice for me and it was so sweet and really funny. It really cracked me up!"

The 'Dawson's Creek' alum - who has Birdie and six-year-old Cricket with her husband Marc Silverstein - previously shared the letter her daughter had written, in which she angrily called E! the "worst TV network ever".

She had written: "You are the worst TV network EVER. Why! Well 1. You got rid of my moms show. 2. You mad a lot of people lose there jobs. 3. You Suck.

"Well anyways my mom does work much harder than you. So you don't diserve her. She will Find another place to do her show when it becomes popular (sic)"

On the back of the letter, Birdie added: "She will shove it up your a**."