Busy Philipps confirms she has split from husband of 14 years Marc Silverman

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Busy Philipps has confirmed her 14 year marriage to Marc Silverman is over.
The former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actress, 42, shared the news with fans on her podcast ‘Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best’ on Friday. (27.05.22)
She said: “It’s been a really long time that Marc and I have been separated and our kids know, our families know, our friends know.”
The couple first separated in February 2021 and had been contemplating how to announce the break-up.
Busy – who shares two children with Silverman, 52 – added: “Marc and I talked about it, and when we first separated, we couldn’t even think about putting one of those statements out – it made us sick, both of us, truly ill. It’s a journey.
“The surest way that Marc and I have been able to ensure the privacy of our kids that we love so f****** much was by not involving the public.”
Philipps is mum to self-declared ‘non-binary’ Birdie, 13, and daughter Cricket, eight.
She added about her split: “Well we love each other very much! And we have these beautiful kids together. And there are a lot of things that really work about our relationship.”
Philipps and Silverman were married in June 2007 in a ceremony that surprised their friends and family.
In 2018, the actress used her autobiography to tell how her best friend Michelle Williams, 41, had saved her from divorcing Silverman after she had an “emotional affair” with another father.
She confessed in ‘This Will Only Hurt A Little’: “There was a man I was friends with, another dad. We’d been having lunch and stuff. Texting. Talking on the phone a lot.
“Honestly, I had a crush on him. I like him. Maybe I even loved him? He clearly liked me too.”
The actress has also said she felt “unsupported” by screenwriter Silverman and even branded him “useless” and said he didn’t try to hold Birdie when she was born.
She added about the saga with her “emotional affair: “That part is so sh****. I’m sorry. I really am.”

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