Busy Philipps devastated following death of best friend of 30 years

Busy Philipps is devastated following the death of her best friend of 30 years.
The 44-year-old actress took to Instagram to share an emotional tribute to Kate Cooper Serge, who recently passed away after a months-long illness and Busy said she was "blessed to have had your love in my life".
She wrote: "my most beautiful Kate girl, i will never understand this as long as i live. i love you i love you i love you. and now you’re no longer in pain. i have so many things to say about your beautiful shining gigantic megawatt soul (like your perfect smile) that radiated so brightly from within you that everyone who came in contact with you immediately felt it and fell in love with you but this is instagram so i won’t say them all. But truly thank god i was able to say them all to you in these past 5 months.
"Your grace, your wisdom, your taste, your talent, your creativity, your insane sense of humor, your laugh your laugh your laugh. The ease with which you would so clearly see things in a new way. Your absolute fearlessness. The best mom to those beautiful beautiful kids and the best wife to one of the truly great ones, as we’ve all had the chance to witness in this, the worst of times. You are hands down the most truthful human i’ve literally ever known. the greatest and most loyal and thoughtful friend, unconditionally. A friend who, in the midst of the most unfair battle any of us could imagine, was hugging and comforting *me* about something i was going through. good lord. I had to apologize at my ridiculousness. And then we were laughing. because your laugh.
"My sweet girl, you were more than just a sparkly person- you shined like the goddamn sun. It’s the honor of my existence that you called me your best friend for the past 30 years. It wasn’t nearly enough time on earth and honey, i’m so so sorry you had to leave the party early but i promise you that i will do all the things and i know you’ll do all of the things where you are now bathed in that light. I’ll even start watching AJLT so @chrissybchrissy has someone to call and scream with about it. Earlier this week i said: 'I feel like the boy who cried wolf except i’m just the girl who cried about everything. But now it turns out, I didn’t know the half of heartbreak like this.' i love you, my girl. Thank you for picking me all those years ago. i’m so blessed to have had your love in my life."
Busy added a carousel of pictures of herself and Kate, ranging from when they were teenagers to more recent images.
According to DailyMail.com, Kate was a New Jersey-based educator who was married to Larry Serge.