BYD charging detail exposes 'selfish' habit among EV drivers

It's an issue occurring all over the country among electric vehicle owners, say others in the community.

A BYD charging for seven hours at an EV spot in the car park at Stocklands in Harrisdale, WA.
Fed-up electric vehicle owners have slammed other EV drivers for their 'selfish' behaviour across the nation's charger stations. Source: Facebook

Fed-up electric vehicle owners have slammed other EV drivers over what's been described as "selfish" behaviour across the nation's charger stations. They say it is much too prevalent within their own communities.

A Western Australian EV owner took to social media at the weekend to criticise a BYD motorist for leaving their car on charge for "almost seven hours" at a free charging bay at Stocklands Harrisdale, in Perth's southeast, preventing anybody else who may need the space from accessing it.

"Do BYDs take that long to charge?" the man questioned. "Almost seven hours as per the Chargefox app."

While some responders pointed out "BYD models take almost 10 hours to fully charge", others reminded EV owners they shouldn't be doing so in public charger ports, which were created to be shared.

Electric vehicle owners have long been told charging stations are designed to help drivers quickly top up and are not intended for use for extended periods, people pointed out, adding to the man's frustration.

"Definitely BYD seems to be the issue," one person said in response. "BYD owners seem to be selfish." "Guess selfishness starts with owning a BYD," another person echoed.

A BYD warehouse in Mascot, Sydney, and another car in a showroom.
BYDs are soaring in popularity in Australia. They were the highest selling EV manufacturer for the month of January, overtaking Tesla. Source: Yahoo News Australia/Supplied

In Australia, many public spaces offer free chargers for EV drivers, most commonly found in car parks, hotels, and restaurants. Though these chargers tend to be slower, they're frequently utilised and it's not abnormal to see large queues form for a spot.

Paid charging stations, equipped with rapid DC fast chargers, provide faster charging, usually costing around $0.50 per kwh on average.

While this group of WA residents clearly feel strongly about BYD owners, the issue in general has been reported widely across the country.

A Queensland electric motorcycle owner told Yahoo News Australia "arrogant" behaviour is typical among electric vehicle owners, particularly when it comes to overstaying time in bays.

"Expensive Tesla drivers are arrogant, I've seen it so many times where they're plugged in, they're at 100 per cent and they don't come back for an hour and a half. They treat it as free parking, that's annoying," Gold Coast retiree Gordon Walker said previously.

"You can't move their car, you can't unplug it and you can't get your car or bike close enough to plug it in. I'm always very courteous. I charge my bike and as soon as it's charged I'll move it out. It depends on the charger, but the computer on my motorbike regulates it, so I can get 80 per cent in 20 minutes".

With public ports designed to be shared, authorities have encouraged drivers to — safely — charge their EVs at home, but not all Aussies have access to the available infrastructure. The issue has seen the debate around charging become heated in recent months, with many calling for the charger rollout to be broadened.

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