Call for ref body cams after 'worst assault ever' on official in UK

Ref Support UK called it the ‘worst assault’ they have seen on these shores

A leading charity is calling for body cams to be given to amateur referees after a shocking assault in north London.

Footage has emerged of an official being chased, hacked down and kicked at the end of a cup final involving teams from the Turkish Football Federation in Wood Green – the suggestion is only one side were involved.

The police have been informed and officials from the league have confirmed those involved will be banned from competing, but it is not an isolated incident.

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Violence towards referees has been increasing in the amateur game and Ref Support UK believe it adds further weight behind their campaign for officials to be fitted with video cams.

“It is definitely the worst video we’ve seen on British soil of an assault on a match official,” Martin Cassidy of Ref Support UK told talkSPORT.

The game was only being filmed as it was a cup final, otherwise the assault could have gone under the radar – Cassidy says this is simply not acceptable.

He adds: “This would have just been kept in house and logged within the FA as another assault on a match official. That is not good enough.”

The London FA are investigating the incident too and the charity are again calling for any incidents involving referees to be filmed, so the issue of abuse towards officials is publicised and perpetrators are caught.