Camila Cabello: Being in love is exhausting

Camila Cabello feels "exhausted" by her relationship with Shawn Mendes.

The 23-year-old pop star has been dating the singer since July, and although Camila loves spending time with Shawn, she also admits it can be mentally and emotionally draining.

She conceded that being in love "takes it out of you".

Camila and Shawn, 21, joined forces for their chart-topping hit 'Senorita' in 2019.

And the brunette beauty - who first found fame as part of Fifth Harmony - would love to work with Shawn more often.

She told Capital FM: "I want more, we want more but honestly we're being in our twenties."

Asked if they were simply too busy to get together in the studio, Camila explained: "No, not even like that. Just like being in love is exhausting, it takes it out of you.

"We can't even go to the studio, we can't, yeah. We're trying to calm down!"

Asked if she and Shawn were preoccupied in "other ways", Camila replied: "I meant emotionally!"

Camila is currently living in the English countryside whilst she shoots the new 'Cinderella' movie, and the pop star has admitted to loving some aspects of British culture.

The singer revealed she loved various British treats, including chocolate digestive biscuits.

Asked what customs she's become familiar with, Camila said in a video interview with Vogue: "Have you ever had a digestive? It's like a really famous British cookie and it has chocolate on one side ... it's really good.

"We're gonna have that with our tea right now. You dip it, it melts in your mouth - it's incredible!

"Also, Cadbury chocolate buttons are really good. Fish and chips, dunked in a lot of vinegar - that's what they don't tell you, you've got to dunk it in a lot of vinegar. Nando's with peri-peri sauce..."