Camila Cabello originally auditioned for The Voice

Camila Cabello originally auditioned for 'The Voice.'
The 25-year-old pop star initially found fame on 'The X Factor USA' in 2012 as part of girl group Fifth Harmony before going on to a solo career but revealed that her first stab at success came in the form of an audition for the rival talent show she now serves as a judge on.
She said: "The truth is – I actually did audition for 'The Voice'. I'm not even sure I can say the story. I did make it in the producer round, not the TV round. I never auditioned for the coaches!"
The 'Don't Go Yet' hitmaker went on to explain that she eventually decided not to continue with 'The Voice' because she was a big fan of boy band One Direction - who were put together on the British version of 'The X Factor' - and hoped to meet them.
She told Access Hollywood: "And then I was like, I really wanted to meet One Direction, and I knew that they were gonna perform for 'X Factor'. So I was like, 'I'm just gonna risk it and not do 'The Voice' and audition for 'X Factor.' And then I did end up meeting One Direction! It was a pretty wild move!! It's like it was a magnet though, I was meant to be back."
Earlier this year, Camila performed 'Havana' on 'The Voice' alongside fellow judges Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and John Legend and admitted it was a "really cool" experience.
She said: "They're such incredible artists I feel almost embarrassed that they sang my song. But it was really cool. We did like one quick 15-minute rehearsal [during lunch], which was cool because we didn't have time to overthink things. The next day we performed it, we ran over it a few times and then we [filmed] it."