Camila Morrone urges people to foster a pet whilst self-isolating

Camila Morrone is urging people to foster a pet whilst self-isolating.

The 22-year-old model is fostering an adorable husky puppy whilst spending time in her house amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has asked others to consider doing the same.

Alongside a picture of herself with the puppy, Camila - who is currently dating Leonardo DiCaprio - wrote: "Fostering a puppy during this quarantine time has been the single best decision. For all my friends showing interest in doing this, DO IT. You won't regret it. these sweet creatures need you so badly (sic)"

The beauty's message has been echoed by Julie Castle, the CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, who says now is the "perfect time" to try fostering a pet from a local shelter, as many people are finding themselves stuck at home with plenty of free time to dedicate to a furry friend.

Julie said: "If you don't have a pet and are thinking about getting one, now is the perfect time to 'try it on' by fostering from your local shelter."

Meanwhile, it's unknown whether Camila is spending her time in self-isolation with her boyfriend Leonardo, although she admitted in December she isn't bothered by those who have criticised the 23-year age gap between them.

She said: "There's so many relationships in Hollywood - and in the history of the world - where people have large age gaps.

"I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date."

But the model-and-actress can understand why people are fascinated by their romance.

She said: "I probably would be curious about it, too."

However, Camila admitted it is "frustrating" that her relationship overshadows her work, especially as she's been winning praise for her role in 'Mickey and the Bear', but she's hoping that will change soon.

She said: "I think more and more now that people are seeing the film, I'm slowly getting an identity outside of that.

"Which is frustrating, because I feel like there should always be an identity besides who you're dating.

"I understand the association, but I'm confident that will continue to slip away and be less of a conversation."