Camilla gives thumbs up to Kiwi green tea

Julian Drape, AAP London Correspondent
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Camilla gives thumbs up to Kiwi green tea

The Duchess of Cornwall has attended a New Zealand-themed brunch in London.

A rare New Zealand tea has been given the thumbs up by an expert English tea drinker - the Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla tasted the 100 per cent Kiwi tea at a London event on Friday to mark the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi by the British Crown and Maori chiefs.

The Duchess sipped some Zealong green tea at a brunch showcasing New Zealand food and beverages at Caravan, a Kiwi restaurant near King's Cross station.

Zealong is the only tea plantation in New Zealand.

Research manager Fabien Maisonneuve knew that asking a British royal to try his tea was a serious test.

"I would have thought she (Camilla) would have gone straight for the black tea but no, she opted for the green, so obviously she's a bit of a connoisseur," he told NZ Newswire afterwards.

"She found it very palatable and smooth and said she really enjoyed it.

"She knows that green tea is good for you because it's packed with antioxidants so it's actually a healthy beverage."

Zealong had a black, aromatic and green tea available for tasting on Friday.

Camilla, dressed in an air force blue wool suit and knee-high black suede boots, also tried a New Zealand pinot noir from 2010.

Villa Maria wines marketing manager Paul Raper later revealed the Duchess had said it "stood up pretty well versus the French offerings".

Prince Charles' wife didn't try the white wine available, apparently fearful of being photographed with too many different glasses of wine - especially before midday.

Before the Duchess arrived at the brunch, the New Zealand High Commissioner Sir Lockwood Smith warned the crowd - which included Kiwi celebrity chefs Monica Galetti and Dean Brettschneider - that there was only one rule: "No selfies!"

Later, with Camilla by his side, the high commissioner bellowed "Order" to quieten everyone down.

"I'm used to saying that as a former (parliamentary) Speaker so I expect silence," the one-time politician joked.

Caravan co-owner Miles Kirby chatted with Camilla about Colombia, given they'd both recently returned from the South American country.

Charles and Camilla toured in late October while Mr Kirby recently visited a number of his coffee suppliers there.