Camilla scolds Kate Middleton and Queen Maxima at royal event

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Camilla has been caught on camera telling off the Queen of the Netherlands and Kate Middleton. Photo: Getty Images

Just days after Prince Harry was caught telling Meghan Markle to turn around during the National Anthem on the Buckingham Palace balcony, footage has emerged of Camilla appearing to scold Kate Middleton and Queen Maxima.

The royal ladies were all having a blast at the Order of the Garter on Monday and were pictured laughing and joking with each other at the prestigious event at Windsor Castle.

However, while Camilla joined in with the 37-year-old Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of the Netherlands at first, she was soon spotted telling them off.

A video, posted online by Twitter user Christian Zi, shows the Duchess of Cornwall turning around to Queen Maxima and Kate Middleton, who are chatting with each other and ignoring the proceedings.

Camilla wasn't impressed that Kate Middleton and Queen Maxima seemed to be more interested in having a laugh with each other than watching the Order of the Garter.

Camilla not impressed with royal ladies

The 71-year-old then reaches out and taps Queen Maxima on the arms, seemingly warning her that she should be paying attention.

She’s also seen gesturing at Kate to look forward, with a stern look on her face.

While it might seem like Camilla was being bossy, she was in fact just making sure the 48-year-old Queen and her daughter-in-law weren’t caught up in a protocol breach, as just moments later, the Order of the Garter processions can be seen walking by.

This included the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William, who were all involved in the proceedings on the day.

Prince Harry tells off Meghan Markle

Camilla’s words of warning come just days after Prince Harry made headlines all over the world when he was caught on camera at this year’s Trooping the Colour, telling Meghan Markle off for turning her back to the crowd.

Video footage showed the duchess with her back to the crowd talking to Prince Harry.

“Yes that’s right,” her husband said.

Prince Harry was caught telling Meghan Markle to turn around on the Buckingham Palace balcony at Trooping the Colour over the weekend. Photo: Getty Images

She then faced the front, but turned back again to say something, and this time her husband didn’t look impressed.

“Turn around,” a terse-looking Harry said. “Look.”

The Duchess abruptly swivelled to the front, a neutral expression on her face.

While it may have seemed unusual for the normally loved-up couple, it seems Harry was looking out for his wife, as just moments later God Save the Queen, the British National Anthem, started playing.

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