Can you spot Origin stars' cheeky pose in team photo?

A seemingly innocent team photo of the NSW Blues ahead of Origin game three has caused a major stir for a hilarious reason.

An eagle-eyed footy fan on Twitter first brought the image to the world’s attention after sharing the team photo online, after it was initially published in Big League magazine.

Can you spot the game being played by two of Freddy Fittler’s Origin stars?

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Can you spot the cheeky antics of two Blues players? Pic: Big League

It’s the circle game! Keeping a light-hearted tinge on what can often be one of the most mundane experiences of Origin camp.

If you still haven’t worked it out, check out the hands of Tyrone Peachey and Tyson Frizell in the front row of the photo.

Both are forming a circle between their thumb and forefinger.

The aim of the game? To get you to look at the circle, and guess what? You just lost.

Peachey and Frizell are now both officially entitled to punch you in the arm.

It’s a clear sign that Freddy’s Blues are keeping it light-hearted after of Origin III in Brisbane, and why shouldn’t they?

The Blues have been magnificent in 2018, tying up the Origin series in two games, and going some way towards healing the wounds caused by over a decade of Maroon dominance.

However the feeling within the camp is that the job is well and truly unfinished, with the players hell-bent on exacting their own form of revenge on their Queensland rivals.