Canada gearing up with five-year military aid plan for Ukraine

Justin Trudeau during a press conference with Zelenskyy in Kyiv, June 10, 2023
Justin Trudeau during a press conference with Zelenskyy in Kyiv, June 10, 2023

In a new budget unveiled, Canada earmarks funds for Ukraine, aiming to ramp up military spending to 1.76% of GDP by 2030, CP24 reported.

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The budget allocates $1.6 billion over five years for military assistance to Ukraine.

The plan includes $350 million over two years to respond to large-scale humanitarian crises, and $159 million over five years to support the "transformation" of Canada's global affairs management.

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The budget comprises:

  • $48 million over four years and $15.8 million thereafter for forgiving loans to early childhood educators;

  • $52 million over five years for the adoption and enforcement of the new Internet Harm Act;

  • $273.6 million over six years for community engagement, law enforcement, counter-radicalization efforts, and victim support;

  • $32 million over six years and $11 million for the following year for a security infrastructure program, funding the physical security of community and religious centers;

  • Over $900 million over six years for home retrofitting and energy efficiency programs;

  • $150 million over three years for the Emergency Treatment Fund, aiding municipalities and indigenous communities in tackling the opioid crisis;

  • $6.1 billion over six years and $1.4 billion for the following year for Canadian disability assistance and related expenditures.

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