Canadian woman reveals Aussies' 'ugly' solution to winter problem

Alexandra Tuohey has pinpointed three popular items which indicate the Aussie winter has arrived.

Canadian Alexandra Tuohey wears a beanie hat (left). She pulls a face to the camera while speaking about the Aussie winter (right).
Canadian Alexandra Tuohey believes Aussies have created their own type of clothing which she dubs 'indoor thermal wear'. Source: TikTok

Many parts of the country are experiencing record cold spells and Aussies are doing their best, despite shivering away, to continue life as normal. However, one Canadian woman is marvelling at the unique way — or specifically, the unique things — Aussies are using to cope with the drop in temperature.

Alexandra Tuohey pointed out that there are three specific clothing items, which she dubs "indoor thermal wear", that many Aussies buy and wear inside their homes to brave the cold in ill-equipped housing.

"The Australian homes are so cold that they actually invented their own new type of clothing, indoor thermal wear," she said on social media.

The first clothing item that Tuohey says is a sure sign winter has arrived in Australia is the humble Oodie, a brand of oversized wearable blankets that often come in bold prints.

"This might be the ugliest thing that you've ever seen anyone put on your body, but it is vital to survive an Australian winter," she said. "It will cause you to sweat uncontrollably, unless you are in a room of 15 degrees Celsius or less, making it the perfect accessory to make sure you don't develop pneumonia this winter in Australia."

Alexandra Tuohey points to the image of an Oodie (left), Ugg boots (middle) and Katmandu jacket (right).
Tuohey believes that Oodies, Ugg boots and puffer jackets all signify winter has arrived in Australia. Source: TikTok

The second is Ugg boots — footwear so necessary for the winter that Aussies themselves are behind the brand. Tuohey said she would never wear these in Canada, yet make "perfect" sense for Australia.

"It is the perfect shoe to wear inside a cold, cold Australian home, and not only if you wear inside, it can go from outside to inside seamlessly, so you don't even have to take off your shoes," she said.

And the last clothing item is the puffer jacket. The Canadian said it's the "most appropriate thing" Aussies can wear as it was originally designed to be worn during hiking and camping so it seems apt that this would be worn inside in Australia.

"It has been repurposed by Australians to wear anytime they cannot wear their Oodie, so if they need to go to work or maybe need to go to someone else's cold house [they can]," she said.

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