Candace Cameron Bure 'happier' after sex

Candace Cameron Bure is "happier" when she has sex.
The 46-year-old actress and Valeri Bure - with whom she has children Natasha, 24, Lev, 22, and 20-year-old Max - have a "healthy" intimate life together but they don't feel the need to schedule time in the bedroom, though she believes it is "important" to relationships.
She said: "I do think it’s important to share what a healthy sex life within marriage can be just in saying, like, that that’s important. It’s an important part of the relationship that we make time for one another, that we still love each other physically, spiritually, mentally — all of the things. It all comes hand in hand.
“I’m a happier person and my husband’s a happier person when we’ve had sex. … We don’t have a schedule for that [but we] make time for each other [and] still love each other physically."
The 'Fuller House' actress thinks sex within marriage has a "bad rep".
Appearing on the 'Mayim Bialik's Breakdown' podcast, she said: “I hate that sex within marriage gets such a bad rap. And maybe — it does happen for people within their marriage when that goes south — but [that’s] all the more reason [to do it].”
Candace thinks sex is a major aspect of "being married and committed to someone,” and there is no reason for it to fade over time.
She said: “In our culture and society today, it’s always like, ‘Oh, you’re married [for] 10 years, when was the last time you had sex?’ That’s always the joke, and it can be funny and I can roll with it.”
The 'Some Kind of Wonderful' star says her former hockey player spouse tends to be "a little more serious about life" because of his Russian upbringing but his humour is one of her "love languages".
She said: “When there’s that playfulness, like, there is nothing that makes me happier and more attracted to him."