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Thursday 09, April

The stars are all about your long-term goals, hopes and wishes. Plus, friends play a vital role in the lunation today. Surround yourself with good vibes and positive input from people who speak your language, Capricorn. You know what your goals are and need people on the same page.

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Wednesday 08, April

You're about to shift into a super social phase for the next few days. Your career success is now spilling over into a celebration with those you most love. Cling to your soul family and your community. You have this wonderful ability to bring people together, darling. No wonder so many adore you.

Tuesday 07, April

The Moon is almost full so you're feeling all the feels, Capricorn. Don't judge yourself for anything that feels out of balance. This is the annual Full Moon for getting back into balance. But first, we have to see how far off-centre we've fallen. Use this time to recalibrate and find your way back to the middle ground.

Monday 06, April

The stars are asking you to get back into balance after a very murky and confusing past few days. You are truly ready to get centered. The Moon will move up to the top of your horoscope later tonight and go full tomorrow, to shine a bright light on your career zone. This is excellent for your status.

Sunday 05, April

The Moon in Virgo brings you directly into your own element this weekend, Capricorn. You're likely feeling a bit safer and more settled at the moment, and it's making you think about what will happen when you can once again go on adventures. It doesn't hurt to plan, research and fantasize.

Saturday 04, April

The planet of karma and power joins with Jupiter, the planet of expansion - and it's happening in your very own sign. This is not a minor thing, Capricorn - it only happens once every thirteen-years - you have not experienced anything like this in eons. This brings everything you feel, do, and are to a crucial moment of reckoning - and it will empower you in unfathomable ways.

Friday 03, April

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money, moves into Gemini today, where she'll remain for a rare, long phase. This brings lots of sweetness to your work zone over the next few months, Capricorn. Just note that next month's retrograde could make things temporarily wonky.

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