Fans Are Stunned After Cardi B Showed Her Daughter's School Lunch

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Cardi B Shared Her Daughter's Massive School LunchFrazer Harrison - Getty Images

For Cardi B, a simple PB&J sandwich with a few apple slices just isn't cutting it for her daughter Kulture's school lunch.

To satisfy curious fans, the "Up" rapper recently shared several pics on Twitter of what she normally prepares for her oldest child's school lunch. And let's just say, it sure beats what we brought to school back in the day.

In one of the three photos shared, there's a hefty serving of macaroni and cheese, a handful of chicken nuggets, broccoli, fresh fruit, cereal, veggie crisps, a breakfast drink, and water. Another photo shows pasta, meat, a small corn on the cob, Jell-O, cheese sticks, crackers, fresh fruit, cereal, Yoo-hoo, a Go-Go Squeez, and a Kool Aid Jammers.

Cardi received plenty of praise in response to the spreads, with many people sharing photos of the school lunches they've prepared for their own children.

"Yes Cardi!!! When I tell you I make my twins lunch every morning and they’re 17! I love it!!" one person wrote.

"I can’t wait to make my son lunches," another added.

Some people requested that they be adopted by the Grammy Award winner. "You can adopt me if you want. I’m kinda old but I’m funny, sometimes. I could teach you how to paint," said one Twitter user.

Others questioned if Kulture's lunch was meant to be eaten all in one setting given the substantial amount of food.

"I’m not judging cause this looks yummy but…is she eating all of this as one meal? Some of these are snacks throughout the day right?" one person asked.

While Cardi didn't address that question, she did share photos of Kulture's breakfast when asked what the four-year-old eats in the morning.

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