Cardi B watches yacht sink on vacation

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Cardi B watched a yacht sink while on holiday.
The 29-year-old rap star was on the beach in an undisclosed location with her long term boyfriend Offset and captured the sinking boat on camera.
She tweeted: "I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink"(sic)
In the video, - which has been viewed more than one million times - the boat can be seen becoming submerged in the water as the 'WAP' hitmaker expressed her shock as she witnessed the incident.
She said: "What the f***! Oh my God. It's sinking. Y'all see this? Y'all see this?! Oh my God, they can't do that. Is there no big boat that can save it?
"It's gone, it's gone. Bye bye! Bye! Oh my God. It's gone. It's gone. Oh my God!"
Just minutes later, Cardi - who has Kulture, three and eight-month old Wave with her fellow rap star - took to her Instagram Stories to confirm that no-one was on board the ship when it started to sink.
She wrote: "A whole yacht sinked in front of our face. Luckily no one was in there" (sic)
The incident comes just days before Cardi is set to star in a new episode of Nickelodeon’s animated preschool series 'Baby Shark’s Big Show' as a parody of herself named Sharki B.
The official synopsis of the episode reads: ‘In the special episode, Baby Shark and William meet the ferociously fun rap icon Sharki B, who is swimming into Carnivore Cove to perform her splash hit dance craze, The Seaweed Sway.
‘Sharki asks Baby Shark and William to show her around town before her big concert and perform The Seaweed Sway with her on
stage that night. As hard as William tries, he keeps messing up the final move of the dance. Luckily, thanks to the help of his friends and his musical icon
Sharki, William learns that the true secret to great dancing is doing it his own unique way.’
Cardi B's episode of 'Baby Shark’s Big Show' will air on Monday 30 May on Nickelodeon.

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