Carol Burnett hands bartenders instruction card detailing ‘exact’ cosmopolitan recipe

Carol Burnett hands bartenders an instruction card to follow detailing her “exact” recipe for a cosmopolitan.
The 91-year-old veteran actress of theatre, musicals, TV and film was honoured on Thursday (20.06.24) by getting her hands and feet plastered into the ground outside the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, and one of the raft of star guests at the ceremony, Laura Dern, revealed her cocktail habit during the tribute.
‘Wild at Heart’ actress Laura, 57, told People about her acting hero: “She has an incredible card that she gives to bartenders for the ‘Carol Burnett cosmopolitan;
“And it has her exact recipe.”
Fellow guest, TV and film producer Jayme Lemons, added: “Carol gives it to all bartenders. It has a little caricature of herself.”
The pair also told how they took inspiration from Carol’s signature drink instruction to tell her she was getting the TCL theatre honour.
They created a similar card, which replaced the instructions for Carol’s ideal cosmopolitan with an image of the star standing in front of the famed Hollywood attraction was featured.
Laura said about how they delivered news of the tribute to Carol: “Jayme and I are together, one virtually and one in person, and said, ‘We made up this card because you’ve inspired us so much as producers and everything you’ve done, and we love the card you’ve done for bartenders, so we wanted to give you one of our new cards’.
“She takes it, and she’s like, ‘Wait, what?’ And it was the card with her likeness. And then we told her.”
Jayme added Carol was so surprised by the honour, which came within two weeks of them giving her the card, that she “burst into tears”.
Also at Carol’s TCL ceremony was Dick Van Dyke, 98, who starred alongside her on ‘The Carol Burnett Show’, which ran for 11 seasons from 1967 to 1978.
The ceremony was also attended by Bob Mackie, Allison Janney, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch, Lisa Ann Walter, Bob Odenkirk and Maya Rudolph, with Jimmy Kimmel speaking during the event.
The talk show host, 56, said afterwards on social media: “Thank you Carol Burnett for giving me the honour of honouring you at your exceptionally well-deserved and long overdue handprint and footprint ceremony this morning in Hollywood.”