Casey Batchelor gives birth

Casey Batchelor has given birth.

The 35-year-old television personality has welcomed her second child with fiancé Dane Goodson, as she took to Instagram to let her fans know she's been "a bit busy" since giving birth to a baby girl.

Casey - who already has daughter 20-month-old Florence with Dane - wrote on social media: "So I've been a bit busy....

"On 22/01/2020 We became a family of 4

"1- Daddy + Princess 1. 2- Mummy + Princess 2

"I won't be very active on here for a little while as I'm enjoying my baby bubble and recovering (sic)"

As of the time of writing, the 'Celebrity Big Brother' star hasn't revealed the name she's picked for her newest arrival.

Meanwhile, Casey and Dane are set to get busy again soon, as Casey has already expressed a wish to have a third child.

Before her second daughter was born, she said: She said: "It will be lovely when the second baby comes.

"When there's another one, it will feel like more of a family.

"They are so difficult and I always think I can't have another baby. But then I'm like, 'Should we have another one?' They become a bit addictive!

"We're having a girl this time, but if we had a boy next, I think we'd stop.

"But then Dane said the other day that if we did have a boy, he'd want to try for a brother, otherwise he'll be in a house full of girls.

"I think another baby might be on the cards in 2020 - maybe."

The happy couple revealed they were expecting a second child in July last year, with the news coming just 14 months after Florence was born.

The yoga instructor said although she and salesman fiancé Dane wanted to expand their family, they weren't prepared for how quickly it would happen.

Announcing her news at the time, she said: 'I'm going to have two babies 20 months apart ... I can't quite believe it! It'll be tough, but I'm going to ride the storm - we're just so thrilled we're having another baby!"