Casey Batchelor planning third baby

Casey Batchelor is already planning her third child.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star and her fiancé Dane Goodson are due to welcome their second daughter - a sibling for 19-month-old Florence - into the world in January but she admitted having babies is "addictive" and the couple are already discussing having another before they get married.

She said: "It will be lovely when the second baby comes.

"When there's another one, it will feel like more of a family.

"They are so difficult and I always think I can't have another baby. But then I'm like, 'Should we have another one?' They become a bit addictive!

"We're having a girl this time, but if we had a boy next, I think we'd stop.

"But then Dane said the other day that if we did have a boy, he'd want to try for a brother, otherwise he'll be in a house full of girls.

"I think another baby might be on the cards in 2020 - maybe."

The 35-year-old star admitted this pregnancy hasn't been as relaxing as her first.

She told Closer magazine: "Really appreciate your first pregnancy because you will never have one like your first - in that you can really relax and chill out and prepare because you don't have another child to look after."

To stay in shape and try to relax, Casey has been doing yoga regularly.

She said: "Doing my pregnancy yoga has been so good - it's not like a workout and it really helps with pain and stretching.

"There are so many benefits, like keeping calm.

"I've been trying to do yoga three or four times a week, even if it's just for 10 minutes."