Casey Batchelor targeted by trolls over pregnancy weight gain

Casey Batchelor has been left "devastated" after cruel trolls mocked her pregnancy weight gain.

The 35-year-old star - who already has 20-month-old Florence with fiance Dane Goodson - is due to give birth to her second child later this month and can't believe she's been targeted over her shape.

She said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw the comments. I was devastated - really upset and tearful.

"I'm pregnant for God's sake! Can't I enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy without this rubbish? Can't the trolls have a day off?

"Getting comments saying I look like an oil tanker and that I have more than one baby in there is upsetting. People seriously need help.

"My belly isn't going to stay flat hen I'm pregnant - nor is any woman's. Someone wrote that I need to go to the gym and lose weight. I'm carrying a growing human being - I haven't just put on a few Christmas pounds."

And Casey doesn't believe the online bullies would be brave enough to make the comments to her face.

She said: "The thing that amazed me about trolls is, would they have the balls to come up to me in a supermarket and tell me I need to go to the gym? Probably not."

The brunette beauty has now called for tighter regulation of social media platforms.

She said: "To target a pregnant woman and call her fat is beyond bullying. It's downright disgusting.

"It really got me down. Social media is out of control and I think everyone should be policed by the people who run these sites."