Cate Blanchett says a psychic predicted she would have four children

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Cate Blanchett visited a psychic who correctly predicted she would have four children.
The 52-year-old actress - who has Daniel, 20, Roman, 17, Ignatius, 13, and Edith, six, with husband Andrew Upton - revealed that when she was playing the role of a psychic in 'The Gift', she decided to visit a real one who ended up being right about "most things".
She said: "I'd never even had a reading, so I thought I should. She [the psychic] said some very strange things that didn't make sense at the time, including that I would have four children. Much of what she said came to pass - and here I am with four children!"
The Academy Award-winning star - whose latest role sees her enter that world once again in ''Nightmare Alley', which is based on the 1946 novel by William Leslie Graham - admitted she was in two minds whether to go back for further readings.
Speaking to W Magazine, she quipped: "Part of me wanted to rush back and see her again and part of me never wanted to see her again."
The actress also discussed her new role, which she sees as the "beacon of truth in a perverted way", but also the "traditional femme fatale".
She explained: "I love the project. I saw Tod Browning’s 'Freaks' at an impressionable age, and it was so full of humanity. I’ve always been fascinated by the circus or carnival world.
"I saw the original [1947] 'Nightmare Alley' with Tyrone Power, and I loved that in the film, everything was a game. [In this version], I play the traditional femme fatale — I draw men to their doom.
"But I saw my character, Lilith, as a beacon of truth in a perverted way. Someone who was able to excavate the truth from a person who did not want the truth revealed."

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