Catherine, Princess of Wales to wear floral headpiece for King Charles' coronation

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Catherine, Princess of Wales is planning to wear flowers in her hair at King Charles' coronation.
The 41-year-old royal is set to go against expectation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday (06.05.23) by wearing a floral headpiece in a royal first.
There is speculation within palace circles that no royal females will wear tiaras in a move that would be in keeping with a coronation that will reflect the King's belief in the importance of the environment and his love of nature.
It is not known what form that Catherine's floral headwear will take and Kensington Palace has refused to comment on the reports.
Royal experts believe that the move is designed not to take the attention away from King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla on the historic day.
Sally Bedell Smith, a biographer of the royal family, is quoted by The Times newspaper as saying: "The sight of the Princess of Wales in a floral crown will set a particular tone, showing the King's reverence for nature and his passion for flowers.
"It seems like an especially egalitarian touch as well. As the wife of the future king, she will be setting an example for the other women in the congregation, who might find it awkward to even think of wearing tiaras.
"One result may be that the crowns and regalia covered with precious jewels may stand out in sharper relief as symbols of the monarchy. They are, after all, held in trust by the monarch for the nation and represent the continuity of the monarchy over one thousand years."
The sustainable theme of the coronation has already been seen in the invitations, which feature flowers, birds and insects and the King's decision to re-use old thrones rather than follow tradition and get new ones made for the event.
It is also thought that the floral displays in Westminster Abbey will be sustainable by using flowers from Britain rather than from overseas.