Celebrity agent Melanie Blake knows 'a lot of bitches' showbiz

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Melanie Blake "knows a lot of bitches" in showbusiness.
The 46-year-old author - who ran a talent agent for two decades before releasing best-selling novels 'The Thunder Girls' and 'Ruthless Women' based on her experiences in the celebrity world - claimed that "all of her leading lades" are based on stars she has worked with but kept tight-lipped about revealing any names.
She said: " I can’t [say who] I’m afraid – the lawyers will be watching! But you can work it out for yourselves when you read my books. All my leading ladies are based on characters I know or have been told about, so that’s why they are so authentic. They say write about what you know and I’ve known a lot of bitches! But hey, that’s showbiz!"
"If they were all ordinary and kind they’d probably never have made it. I’ve been nice to everyone during my whole career, it’s just the way I am. Those who’ve treated me badly are not exactly thriving, while I’m writing best-sellers. I’ve decided that being happy and successful is the best revenge on anyone who doesn’t treat you kindly."
However, Melanie - who has recently released her third novel 'Guilty Women' - went on to insist that she is "still friends" with most of her former clients.
She told The Mirror: "Yes I am [still friends with them] and most of them were thrilled to see me start to write, especially ['Emmerdale' actress] Claire King, who has always encouraged me. That’s the irony, I must have represented 50 of the most famous women in this country and I’m still close friends with more than 40 of them. I haven’t represented [Steps singer] Claire Richards for nearly 10 years but we still Instagram nearly every day."
'Guilty Women' is out now.

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