Centre in the Square announces fall lineup, but first - a seating renovation

Centre in the Square announces fall lineup and shares details of planned renovation.   (Brian St. Denis/CBC - image credit)
Centre in the Square announces fall lineup and shares details of planned renovation. (Brian St. Denis/CBC - image credit)

The Centre in the Square has announced its fall lineup featuring a series of international acts, as well as a slate of comedy shows.

Before performances begin though, the Kitchener theatre will undergo a transformative renovation this summer.

The revitalization project will include new seats in the main Raffi Armenian auditorium.

Eric Lariviere says the improvements will make for a more comfortable and accessible patron experience.

He is the newly hired executive director at Centre in the Square.

"We're actually really excited about this project because one of the major changes is that we're going to have a much more accessible venue for wheelchairs and so on. We're multiplying by five or ten of the number of seats that we had in the past," Lariviere said.

He adds capacity of the theatre will stay the same at 2,000 seats.

As part of Centre in the Square's commitment to help grow the local arts sector, the Kitchener Creates Initiative was also created.

The studio theatre, located behind the main stage, will be available to rent for local artists to use as a rehearsal space.

Between July 8 and September 20, the studio can be used for $80/day.

"For the summer, because we're closing the main hall there, we are able to actually welcome the community, the artists or organizations or singer/songwriters," said Lariviere.

"If producers, promoters or organizations want to have an event there, they just have to talk to our team and we'll let them know how that's possible.

Fall lineup

Once renovations are complete, the main theatre will reopen and audiences can travel around the musical world with Portugal's Mariza kicking off the international series in October.

Performers include Zakir Hussain the legendary tabla maestro from India, dance performers Forever Tango from Argentina, the Canadian Brass ensemble and more will also take to the stage.

A media release from Centre in the Square says the series will feature a rich tapestry of global talent.

"Essentially, our wish is to keep expanding, broadening the audience," explained Lariviere.

"It does reach all types of audiences, people that love to go to great performances, want to discover new artists and also connecting with the diverse community."

Anyone looking for comedic relief can enjoy the likes of Russel Howard Live, Whose Live Anyway?, or The Debaters Live on Tour Holiday Special with the comedy acts kicking off at the end of September.